I completely agree. Our current system is not what was originally intended, and such has created this problem. Here is my idea:

The Senate should go back to what the founding fathers intended. They should go back to being chosen by state legislatures, not popular election. The Senate was supposed to represent the interests of the states and the House, the people.

The House of Representatives should either become a parliamentary like body, or vastly increase in numbers. There should be one representative for every 100,000 or 75,000 people, etc. The way it is now, there is no way anyone can truly represent the interests of his/her constituents.

Either way, there needs to be an increase in the amount of representatives. There is no way 435 people can truly represent a nation. To solve the “two-party problem,” a Parliamentary House with 3000+ representatives would be ideal. House districts shouldn’t be confined by state either, because the Senate should represent state interests.


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